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Goa Tours - Tourism portal about Hotels and Resorts in Goa – Goa is world renowned for its beaches and attracts innumerable domestic and foreign tourists every year. The perfect holiday in Goa for many tourists is to laze under the sun on the picturesque and romantic beaches of Goa. When you picture Goa the first thing that comes to your mind is pristine scenic beauty of the state that nature God has blessed on it. The culture here shows the confluence of the east and the west. The state is home to both beautiful temples and magnificent churches. Its hospitality, culinary delights, temples, churches, monuments, folk arts and music, the scenic beauty are enough reasons for any visitor to fall in love with Goa.Goa is also rich in mineral resources.

Goa is a multifaceted jewel in the crown of India. It is a frame of mind and body, spirit and soul. Goa is India's smallest State-with the largest heart. Hotels in Goa are thus marked by blitheness and genial codes of conduct by most dedicated staff.  Goa is located in India and attracts a flurry of tourists from all over the world. Goa Travel Guide is your ultimate one-stop guide to all the resources you need to make your journey eventful and hassle free. There are comprehensive set of travel options in Goa like restaurants, flights, hotels and goa videos.

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